The Company

Classic Furniture Solutions Founded  since 1998 as a Jordanian company specializing in project management and processing products distinct from furniture in addition to providing technical furniture solutions for various types of projects.


The company strives to create a new generation unique and unrivaled integrated solutions furniture through integration between all of the ancient expertise of the company and specialized management skills of the founders as well as creativity.


The result thus providing high quality furniture is specifically designed to meet the growing needs of the domestic market.


At Classic furniture solutions we evaluate our clients' needs and translate those needs into solutions furniture as well as to make appropriate recommendations to the technical specifications.


Our technical team trained and qualified to provide technical service to ensure that the integrated projects satisfy our precious customers, not only in conformity with the specifications, but also suitable for the budget and compatible with the delivery date.


The company's team implement the various services related to the project and included design and management services, processing, installation and technical support, all of which are part of the company's activities in order to ensure product quality control and timeliness of delivery.


As the implementation of the customer service team after-sales services, including providing technical advice and maintenance services and spare parts in addition to rehabilitation (renewal).



in the Classic we have establish a long-term partnership with our customers and partners who trust the quality of their products and their commitment to the highest standards of accuracy in delivery schedules which ensures our credibility with our customers and enhances our ability to provide them with products compatibility requirements and exceed their expectations.